The Artist Series

Text and photos by ROXY KIRSHENBAUM

The Artists Series erupted out of pure kindness from fellow journalism students at Columbia. Initially, I had posted my interest in photographing artists in New York on the J-School Facebook group and was immediately set up with two individuals. As it turns out, these artists were terrifically talented and exceptionally interesting people.

I already knew Meg Franklin from a previous job, while Bruno Pogacnik Wukodrakula and Thessia Machado were complete strangers to me. All three opened up their studios and lives to me without hesitation. I was instantly thrown into their personal worlds, worlds filled with color, drama and surprise. I learned about their approach to art and really, to life.

I hope to make this series an ongoing project, scouring the streets of New York for artists of all types and attempting to capture a slice of their creative personalities and definite talent through portraiture.

The Artists from Roxy Kirshenbaum on Vimeo.

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